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Weighbridge Servicing Benefits

Investing in a weighbridge is a huge financial commitment. It’s important to look after it, as like any other major asset for your business.

Your weighbridge must be looked after to ensure it gives the best weighing performance to ensure your customers are confident to use your weighbridge.

Weighbridges are precision measuring instruments, and for it to perform its function reliably, it needs to be in peak condition.

A good majority of weighbridge owners are not aware of the importance of preventative maintenance, and they’re not aware that it’s important for their weighbridge to be serviced on a regular basis.

Industrial Scales UK have been providing servicing and maintenance for over 30 years to a number of the UK’s largest companies who rely on us to provide a professional and reliable service.

Here are some key points about the need for regular servicing of a weighbridge.

Load cells

load cells are the heart of every weighing machine and are the most critical components. They are precision instruments which must be serviced regularly to ensure accurate weight measurement on a consistent basis.

It’s important for load cells to be inspected, cleaned and calibrated regularly, and if they need replacing, the weighbridge needs to be retested to ensure that it’s operating within prescribed tolerances.

Rough treatment

Weighbridges are subjected to some rough treatment – from harsh climatic conditions, heavy impact forces from loaded vehicles, continuous braking and acceleration, and so on. All of this takes its toll on the equipment over time.

Preventative maintenance is an important aspect of maintaining an accurate weighbridge.

Regularly maintaining and servicing your weighing equipment will ensure that the effects of impacts are reduced and that any necessary adjustments, replacement of parts, fixing of any wear and tear are sorted out by qualified engineers.

Legal compliance

Businesses who have a trade approved weighbridges have legal responsibility to ensure that their equipment complies with the prevailing legislation. Regular servicing will ensure they are legally compliant, and can help them avoid the risk of financial penalties or prosecution.

Prevent under loading or overloading

If you don’t regularly service your weighbridge, it might be recording inaccurate measurements. This could lead to financial losses, for example by giving away too much product which isn’t actually being invoiced.

If a vehicle is found to be overloaded, both the driver and operator could be prosecuted or cautioned. Legislation imposes fines of up to £5,000 for each offense.

Overloading a vehicle can also cause severe damage to the axle and mechanical components of the truck. Overloaded trucks cannot be safely controlled and will lead to a higher chance of an accident occurring.

Prevents premature wear and tear of your weighbridge

A regular service of your weighbridge will also prevent it from wearing out unnecessarily. For example, if the equipment is serviced regularly, the load cells won’t have to be replaced prematurely – a cost which every owner would hope to avoid.

It is important to keep your weighbridge working well and ensure that it has the right capacity for the types of products and freight you are dealing with.

Lengthens operational lifespan of the weighbridge

A well-serviced weighbridge is less likely to break down than one that has been infrequently or inadequately maintained.

You should always ensure that your weighbridge is serviced regularly. This way, it will protect your investment, and make sure that your precision measuring equipment is in optimum working order.

For a company that prides itself in providing expert weighbridge servicing, look no further than Industrial Scales UK Ltd. We have qualified, professional weighbridge service engineers based in Wolverhampton.

We provide testing, calibration, service and maintenance to all brands and types of weighbridges. For more information on the supply or service of any weighbridge, product inspection equipment or weighing scales, please contact us.

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