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Weighing Scales Calibration Services

Weighing Scales calibration is a procedure that ensures a weighing scale is weighing correctly to the scales capacity.

In an industrial enviroment, an inaccurate weighing scale can lead to cost problems, dissatisfied customers – and an unhappy Trading Standards officer.

Why does a weighing scale need to be calibrated?

As a result of regular use, a weighing scale could lose its accuracy over a period of time. Changes to the scale’s environment can also affect the scale’s calibration.    

We do both on site and in-house calibration checks.

Our engineers vehicle’s carry calibrated test weights which covers the working weight of most industrial weighing scales.

Weighing scales which are out of tolerance will be re-calibrated and tested again to ensure the weighing scales capacity is within the scales tolerence. 

if further work is required to bring the scale in line with it’s full capacity, a full report will be presented to you the (customer) on the day and then we will arrange for us to bring it back to our workshop.

We also offer calibration and maintenance contracts which covers breakdowns and repairs.

We are highly passionate about providing a first class customer service experience and we can work together to manage your time schedules and book an engineer when calibrations are due.


Calibrating Weighing Scales
weighing scales calibration
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Calibrating Weighing Scales

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At Industrial Scales UK, we understand that regardless of what type of business you may be in, your scale is a very important part of your business operations. This is why we promise to provide each one of our customers with honest, friendly and on time service so that we always deliver the most efficient and effective solution possible. We look forward to working with you and your organization and ensuring the accuracy and precision of all your scales and weighing systems.

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