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5 Reasons Why You Need a Weighbridge

5 Reasons You Need a Weighbridge

We can use a weighbridge in many industries, from the waste industry to the agriculture industry. It can be used to charge for the removal of waste or farm waste, or to grade material.

If you’re not already familiar with the concept of weighbridges, they are large scales that vehicles drive over.

A weighbridge can be on top of the road or in a pit for a more permanent and discreet solution.The large steel platform rests on top of, normally, six load cells (these are the parts that weigh the load).

A Weighbridge Can Save you money!

Having a weighbridge for your business can save you money by helping you make sure you aren’t overpaying for materials that are not their correct weight.

There are some pallets, like timber, that are easy to tell if they are full or empty. However, this doesn’t always work for all pallets and it won’t work if the load is so heavy that the load cell gives an inaccurate reading. If this happens, the load cells will give false readings and they will need to be calibrated.

Using a weighbridge will make your vehicles as efficient as possible. It will help maximise the space and capacity of your vehicles, which will increase your profits.

Save your money on vehicle costs!

A weighbridge will help your business avoid overloading your vehicles. A weighbridge will help you load your vehicles correctly and within the legal loading limits.

Overloading your vehicle is not the best thing to do for vehicle care. Heavy loads cause a lot of strain on your vehicles. The more you overload your vehicles, the more you will have to replace them, and the more money you will have to spend for new vehicles.

Improve Your Workplace Safety

Your staff should never feel unsafe in their workplace. A weighbridge will give your drivers the confidence and assurance that the vehicle they are operating is fully compliant and is suitable for the purpose for which the vehicle is being used.

Avoiding overloading your vehicles will improve the safety of other road users, reduce the damage to road surfaces, bridges, and overpasses, and will make driving more enjoyable.

Avoid Fines & Penalties

Overloaded vehicles are often subject to heavy penalties and fines.

A weighbridge will ensure your vehicle meets the legal requirements, particularly regarding its payloads. If you have over-loaded your vehicle, a weighbridge will help you determine whether your load is within legal weight limits.

Helps Increase Productivity

Improved productivity can improve a company’s profitability, no matter which line of work it’s in. A weighbridge allows companies to optimise their products’ loads. Therefore, they won’t have to waste time and energy trying to reload a truck’s freight.

We provide testing, calibration, service and maintenance to all brands and types of weighbridges. For more information on the supply or service of any weighbridge, product inspection equipment or weighing scales, please contact us.

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