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Repair, Maintenance and Calibration Services.


Industrial Scales is your single source service provider for all of your calibration and repair weighing needs.

Scales Calibration, Installation and Repairs.

Regular calibration and preventative maintenance are necessary to keep your scales performing at their best.  Backed by our national standards certification, rest assured that you are purchasing calibration services that are based on stringent quality standards.

Our accredited weighing scales services include:

    • Visual and functional inspection
    • Cleaning
    • On-site adjustment and calibration
    • Placement of a calibration sticker that contains calibration date, next due date and a serial number of the scale.

After adjustments and maintenance are completed, scales are tested for a second time and results are recorded, giving you full traceability through the calibration process.


As Found Results

Our certificates include as found results so you can see how your equipment was working before the calibration, before any adjustments and maintenance and the final calibration.


Calibration Weights

Calibration weights are used for checking and calibrating weighing equipment. Test weights can be used for proof load or quality tests when a known mass is required. All our weights can be supplied with optional calibration certificates.


Onsite Calibration

Our calibration service also extends outside our calibration workshop. If you have a large amount of equipment that simply isn’t feasible to send to us, we’re able to come out to you to perform on-site calibration services.

Industrial Scales UK has serviced, calibrated and sold the best equipment in weighing scales and measuring technology for more than 30 years. We are dedicated to providing custom solutions that best fit your individual business needs by supplying service and expertise in the installation and maintenance of any weighing scales system. We specialise in quality calibration and repair services for every type of weighing scales including weighbridges.

Over Years in Business

Repair. Maintenance. Calibration.

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