Calibrating Weighing Scales

The Benefits of Calibrating Weighing Scales

Weighing scales are a vital piece of equipment in any factory. By calibrating scales, you can accurately weigh your products and determine their exact weight.

Over time, weighing machines lose their accuracy. This means that it’s important to calibrate your weighing scales periodically so that they are accurate and weighing accurately.

If you have any problems with the accuracy or calibration of an industrial scale, read this blog post to learn about the advantages of a calibrated industrial scale.

What is an industrial weighing scale calibration?

Calibrating your weighing scales ensures that the scale is performing correctly.

There are many factors that affect the accuracy of a weighing scale, so it is necessary to measure these factors periodically to ensure the accuracy of the scale.

At Industrial Scales UK, we have a procedure that helps us to make sure weighing scales are still working within their recommended tolerances.

In order to get an accurate reading, an engineer will apply test weights to the scale. The weight which shows on the display should match the weight which has been applied. If the weighing machine is no longer weighing within tolerance, it needs to be calibrated.

Benefits of a calibrated weighing scale

Calibration ensures all of your weighing equipment is fit for use and will give you reliable and accurate results.

It is cheaper to have a scale checked and calibrated than to buy a new scale. Calibrated weighing scales allows sound decision making, which avoids waste, rework or product recall.

Your reputation with your clients is paramount. It’s important to use calibrated equipment to assure that measurements made at one place are compatible with those made at another.

Having your scales re-calibrated also ensures that the final product is accurate and reliable.

5 benefits of calibrating your industrial weighing scale

There are many reasons to have your weighing scales calibrated, such as:

  • Helps you maintain accurate and reliable weight measurements.
  • Ensures that all your weighing scales are fit for use and provide results that have a minimal deviation from the accepted standards.
  • Help you avoid costly penalties and legal actions.
  • It will ensure that your company adheres to all relevant regulations regarding the weight of products, vehicles, and other objects weighed.
  • Helps your customers provide accurate, accurate, reliable data to site inspectors.

If you want to ensure your scales are weighing correctly, calibrate them periodically. Regular calibration will improve the accuracy of your scales and give you greater confidence when you use them. Contact us today for a free calibration quotation.

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