DT-I-100-APP Drive Thru Platform Scale

The DT-I-100-APP is suitable for weighing goods up to 1500kg. This scale is Trade Approved so is calibrated to the accuracy legally required.


Capacity 600kg or 1500kg
Graduations 0.2kg or 0.5kg
Dimensions 1200mm x 1200mm / 1200mm x 1500mm
Base dimensions 1850mm x 1335mm x 55mm / 2110mm x 1345mm x 55mm
Batteries DC6V/4AH
Battery Life 40 hours of continuous use
Additional Features
  • Trade Approved
  • Verification fees included
  • Mild steel anti slip durbar surface
  • 50mm height to weigh surface
  • 25mm LCD weight display with backlight
  • Built in ramps
  • 4m of loadcell cable
  • Counting
  • Zero
  • Tare/Preset Tare
  • Two ramps with shallow incline
  • Suitable for warehouse and factory weighing where the price of goods is based on weight

What is the DT-I-100-APP?

The DT-I-100-APP is a Trade Approved drive thru platform scale with a choice of capacities, graduations and sizes. Marsden drive thru scales are only 45mm high and feature shallow ramps which mean they are ideal for loading via pallet truck.

The battery powered indicator, which provides 40 hours of continuous use, has all the features for basic weighing. The indicator features Tare, Preset Tare, Zero and Counting functions. This scale is Trade Approved.

What is a Trade Approved scale?

Trade Approved scales are legally required when pricing a good based on weight – and failure to do so can result in penalties from Trading Standards. Trade Approved scales are subject to greater testing, for assured reliability, repeatability and accuracy during weighing.

Class III Approved scales, which Trade Approved scales are also known as, are used when ‘determining mass for a commercial transaction’. Trade Approval helps to ensure the consumer is protected against inaccurate weighing results, and are fit for purpose.

Trade Approved scales feature an ‘M’ logo on the scales dataplate. These scales are also referred to as Trade Stamped, Verified, EC Stamped or Trading Standards Approved.

Why should I choose the DT-I-100-APP?

The DT-I-100-APP is suitable for weighing goods up to 1500kg. This scale is Trade Approved so is calibrated to the accuracy legally required when you are buying or selling by weight.

This scale has a mild steel anti slip durbar surface. A 25mm LCD weight display with backlight ensures that weight readings are bright and clear. The scale features 4m of loadcell cable which is armoured for strength and durability. Because loadcells and cables are mounted within the structure of the platform, they are protected from damage if the scale is moved with a fork lift truck.


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