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    Jadever JCO Counting Scale

    The Jadever JCO Counting Scale is an affordable, lightweight and portable counting scale ideal for parts counting and stocktaking. This counting scale offers a choice of capacities and graduations (30kg x 2g; 15kg x 1g; 6kg x 0.5g).

    Choose the JCO to speed up your counting processes, without the expense of fully automated systems. The scale’s unit weight memory can store up to 20 different unit weights and the memory recall button allows you to access saved weights quickly.

    A hi/lo alarm helps to speed up counting processes by allowing you to set a minimum or maximum quantity, with the scale alerting the user if the quantity is above, below or has hit the required amount

    It can be powered by the internal rechargeable battery or using the adaptor provided with the scale. The scale is robust and has a water-resistant durable keypad.

    This counting scale includes Preset Tare and Tare functions to remove any unwanted weight. The accumulation function allows the user to total up a number of counts.

    Weight and count readings are displayed on the clear LCD displays.