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Digital Scales

Since their inception, digital scales have taken over as the most precise measuring devices and are by far the most widely used in our industry. These electronic scales include bench, platform, floor, drum and cylinder scales.

Load cell

The weight transducer used in digital industrial scales is called a strain gauge load cell. The load cell is a block of metal that is shaped in a way so that it bends, much like a spring, in a very predictable manner when a force acts upon it. Additionally, like a spring, when the force is removed, the load cell moves back to its original configuration.

Final Weight Reading

Attached to the load cell are several strain gauges. These resistors are made up of folds of flat metal. When the load cell bends and the strain gages are stretched, their resistance changes proportional to the amount of force acting on the load cell. The output signal from the strain gages is sent to an ADC (analog-to-digital converter), which outputs a final weight reading.