Weigh Beams – What are the benefits?

Weigh Beams – What are the benefits?

Weigh Beams – The Benefits Explained

Lightweight and fitted with handles and wheels, weigh beams are portable. This means they can be moved to where they are needed rather than taking your goods to the scale to be weighed. Because weigh beams take up little space they can also be stored away when not in use.

Weigh beams feature as one of the more adaptable pallet scale products, offering portable solutions to industrial weighing. Pallet beams can be separated into two selections, parallel or dual beams and U-frame pallet beams and you can use either pallet beam as is or combine with other platforms to expand weighing options. The parallel pallet beams combine two vertical weighing strips with an indicator, whereas the u-frame pallet has an additional horizontal bar that connects the two weighing strips, protecting the cable.

Weigh beam scales have the added advantage that they can be placed the desired distance apart to weigh an item, meaning you are not restricted by the size of the scale as is the case with platform scales. Weigh beams are perfect heavy duty weighing solutions if you use pallet trucks, as the beams can simply be placed far enough apart to accommodate a pallet truck.

Our recommended choice of weighbeam scale suppliers.

If you need a portable heavy duty weighing scale, and simply need a scale to check the weight of an item, choose the PB-OWI100 Weigh Beam.

A key benefit over platform scales is weigh beams can be positioned the desired distance apart to weigh almost any load shape or size (up to a maximum weight of 3000kg). Plus, these beams are made from mild steel and built to withstand years of regular use. 4m of armoured loadcell cable is included, which provides strength and durability for reliable weighing.

The indicator supplied with this scale is very easy to use, with a clear LCD weight display, and simple Tare, Zero and Counting functions. A rechargeable battery provides 40 hours of use between charges.

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Digital Scales

Digital Scales

Digital Scales

Since their inception, digital scales have taken over as the most precise measuring devices and are by far the most widely used in our industry. These electronic scales include bench, platform, floor, drum and cylinder scales.

Load cell

The weight transducer used in digital industrial scales is called a strain gauge load cell. The load cell is a block of metal that is shaped in a way so that it bends, much like a spring, in a very predictable manner when a force acts upon it. Additionally, like a spring, when the force is removed, the load cell moves back to its original configuration.

Final Weight Reading

Attached to the load cell are several strain gauges. These resistors are made up of folds of flat metal. When the load cell bends and the strain gages are stretched, their resistance changes proportional to the amount of force acting on the load cell. The output signal from the strain gages is sent to an ADC (analog-to-digital converter), which outputs a final weight reading.